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Patti's Story

"One of the most, if not the most, important things I've come to own from the Courage to Change program, is that God not only loves me, he empowers me to action in that love. 

My opinion and behavior  use to be that I would pray for God to supply whatever needs I had and would then wait patiently (or not so) for Him to provide for those needs.  Now I understand that through God and His love He gives me the strength and direction to take action for my needs.  I've realized that His way is a path of action and He expects me to follow His example of action and gives me the means to do so. 

I now know that I have the freedom of action through God's direction and He lovingly guides me by His Holy Spirit.  This has been HUGE for me; someone who use to act mainly from fear or anger, I can now take positive action out of love and confidence from The Creator who wants only good for me.  He never wanted me to sit back and meekly wait for Him to hand me what my needs are. He commands action from me with a loving but firm Spirit. 

I am eternally grateful to have realized this truth, have already seen it bear fruit in my life and can't wait to see what God does in the future with me and through me."

-- Patti


Brian and Silesia with Patti on her wedding day.