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Jennifer's Story

"While studying Courage to Change I found that the success of the loss of weight and body fat could not even compare to the mental and spiritual growth I was gaining. I have felt as if some of the topics in the book were written just for me. It was never clear to me until this program that I was sabotaging my own health with perfectionism. Brian’s section on Accountability taught me the true meaning of the word. He explained how perfectionism could control you and stress you out to the point of breaking your commitment to be healthy. I had let that happen in my life. All of my previous ‘non-commitments’ to diet and exercise programs were because I didn’t permit myself to fail. With “Courage to Change”, I am striving for excellence – not perfection. It has made all the difference. I can now truly say that I AM HUMBLE in my faith, in my actions, and in my success because I have been inspired by such scriptures as 'God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.' 1 Peter 5:6
I know that I will always be happy with my decisions to make healthy lifestyle choices for myself. I have always felt strong and confident, but I now know how to enjoy those attributes and put them to good use. With a stronger love and commitment first to God and then to myself, I realize that I am even stronger in my love for my family, my career and my faith. It has been so refreshing to feel more energized in my daily life and to accomplish those tasks that used to be my "excuses" for not having "time" for myself. I am so happy that I had the “Courage to Change"!

-- Jennifer