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Schools, colleges and universities in this country have an enormous responsibility. Not only is there a responsibility to bring cutting edge programs and seminars to the students but also to the teachers and Professors doing the teaching. Our mission of helping universities is to provide ongoing health based seminars and programs to both the students and faculty.

Teachers of all ages and college professors are on the front line on this war on education. Teachers and professors see it all. You see the results of child abuse as your students come to your classroom and see the lack of true parenting on a daily basis. You are then expected to instruct them in math, science or art when what they really need is love. Professors see students who are expected to pick a major when they have no idea who they are and are scared to death of being on their own for the first time. Even those students who seem to love their new freedom, it is still a very hard and stressful transition.

So how do you separate yourself from the stress of your career? Our Faith in Action seminars are designed to teach you how to separate yourselves from the stress around you while preserving and maintaining your passion for teaching and shaping our youth. The same goes for your students as well. Pre-med, Exercise Science, Kinesiology, Health and Human Performance and virtually all department majors will learn the true dynamics of a service minded career. The committed personal trainer is in one of the greatest positions of influence of any career! But how can they effectively learn to serve others in their career if they have no idea who they are from the inside out and the importance in overall good health, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually?

Your students and teachers will learn about good nutrition and exercise but with powerful life changing principles leading the way. Whether an hour brown bag luncheon, a full day seminar or entire weekend retreat, we will work with you to offer a cutting edge life changing experience. Much of our seminars are based on the information in Courage to Change. Entire companies are purchasing this amazing book and journaling system for their employees and are learning to be healthy the right way.

True education starts with knowing oneself, both in the one teaching and the one learning. Let us be a part of your mission to shape lives.