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How often do health care professionals get caught up in saving other people's lives at the sacrifice of their own health and well-being? Our Faith in Action seminars are designed to teach you how to separate yourselves from the sickness around you while preserving and maintaining your passion for helping others. Health care professionals of all kinds are on the front line in this war on overcoming and conquering sickness and disease. The stress and responsibility of a nurse or physician is staggering. Often times nurses and physicians develop health problems, obesity, diabetes and other stress related illnesses because they don't know how to separate themselves from the sickness around them. How do you learn to maintain a compassionate, sincere and unhardened heart while working in an environment of sickness and death? We can help you make that separation so you can save lives free from the stress that comes with it.

Your employees will learn about good nutrition and exercise but with powerful life changing principles leading the way. Whether an hour brown bag luncheon, a full day seminar or entire weekend retreat, we will work with you to offer a cutting edge team building experience.

Much of our seminars are based on the information in Courage to Change. Entire companies are purchasing this amazing book and journaling system for their employees and are learning to be healthy the right way.

Let us be a part of your team and together we will save lives!