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Seminars Designed for Law Enforcement, Military, and Fire Fighters

As military, police officers and fire fighters you not only have strenuous physical requirements while staying on top of your game, but emotional ones as well. You see it all, the worst of the worst in accidents, fires and people's destructive behavior. The demands on your mind, body and spirit are extremely taxing and are at times overwhelming.

How do you learn to maintain a confident boldness yet a compassionate, sincere and unhardened heart while working in an environment of violence and carnage? We can help you make that separation so you can serve and protect free from the stress that comes with it.

You will learn about good nutrition and exercise but with powerful life changing principles leading the way. Your thoughts, attitudes and performances (TAP) will be in alignment with God, thus producing the best possible results in each area of your life. You will learn to step into the fullness of your position of authority.

Whether an hour brown bag luncheon, a full day seminar or entire weekend retreat, we will work with you to offer a cutting edge team building experience.

Much of our seminars are based on the information in Courage to Change. Entire companies are purchasing this amazing book and journaling system for their employees and are learning to be healthy the right way.