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Step into the 21st century with an attitude of greatness, of victory and profit by investing in the health of your employees. The health of your employees far surpasses the realm of fitness, it dives into interpersonal relationships, attitude, confidence and a burning desire to make a difference in this world. Whether you are the CEO or the maintenance man you must learn that you don't become great because of the great things you do, you do great things BECAUSE of your greatness! You don't become brilliant because you read books and study, you read books and study because you ARE brilliant! So many people in corporate America are lost, have no idea who they are and where their passion lies and they are then expected to go out and magically perform their duties. Silesia and I have worked with virtually every level of employee and business owner and have found one thing to be true with every single one of them, they all seek wholeness and balance, which ultimately has very little to do with their career.

Your employees will learn about good nutrition and exercise but with powerful life changing principles leading the way. Their thoughts, attitudes and performances (TAP) will be in alignment with God, thus producing the best possible results in each area of their life, including your company. When we teach people about greatness, passion and how to put their Faith in Action it is then we elevate them as excited and enthusiastic employees.

Whether an hour brown bag luncheon, a full day seminar or entire weekend retreat, we will work with you to offer a cutting edge team building experience. Whether it is helping your sales department break all the corporate records or focusing on decreasing the millions of dollars lost each year in workers compensation, we can help meet and surpass your corporate needs. Much of our seminars are based on the information in Courage to Change. Entire companies are purchasing this amazing book and journaling system for their employees and are learning to be healthy the right way.

Get excited and get on board as we challenge you, Corporate America to put your Faith in Action!