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"We have seen from day one throughout our career that unhealthy lifestyle behaviors are simply the result or affect of something much deeper, a root cause. We live in a vain and materialistic world and it is very difficult for even the most devout Christian to make healthy choices without the world’s skewed image of health. How can any of us embrace the true significance of confidence, self image, health and beauty without first going to and personally knowing the author of everything beautiful?"
--Brian Wellbrock

It is difficult for the church to address the importance of good health practices. How does a church bridge the gap between a person's faith in Jesus Christ and their physical health? Both Brian and Silesia have been called to use the platform of health and wellness to teach biblical principles.

Powerful speakers and motivators, Brian and Silesia deliver God's message of health and vitality by addressing and applying these principles. Whether in a small group or Bible study within your church or your entire church body on Wednesday nights or Sunday mornings, we are here to help get the word out that God wants His children physically healthy and spiritually mature. Let us together make the body of Christ strong and healthy inside and out.