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Who We Work With

Beginners: People of all ages that have never worked out and have never practiced proper nutrition.

Avid fitness goers: Generally people age 24-40 who workout 4-6 + times per week.

Young Athletes: ages 13-18 who are a prime audience for sports training.

Middle aged athletes: adults age 25-50+ who want specific instruction on strength training for their sports, recreational activities and general good health.

Seniors: Adults 60 years old and older that have specific needs regarding their health and body function.

Weight loss: adults generally 22-50 who want to shed 5 to over 100 pounds.

Golfers: Members wanting to improve on their functional strength and performance in their golf game.

Tennis Players: Members wanting to improve on their functional strength performance and conditioning in their tennis game.


Your big day is arriving! Planning for a wedding is an exciting and exhausting time of your life. Making time for your health is essential. We know that an investment in yourself to feel and look your best is an awesome way to prepare for this new season in your life. Let us help you as you make this beautiful transition!

We encourage engaged couples to go through the Courage to Change 12 week program as an accompaniment to pre-marital counseling. Enter your marriage with a Christ centered solid foundation and embrace the significance of good health as it relates to marriage and beginning a powerful family legacy.

Functional personal training is the precursor to all other sporting and athletic events, recreational activities and physical hobbies. Our client’s bodies are trained to function properly allowing them to do what they need to do as they need to. Their bodies and minds are strong, confident and ready to perform. Functional personal training provides important movement fundamentals and proper biomechanics.

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Who we work with
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