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Training Programs
  1. Individual training - We train you in the privacy of your own home or place of business. If you don't have equipment we bring everything you'll need and train you in an hour long power packed resistance training session. Though some people train 3 times per week, the average is 2 times per week.
  2. Couple and team training - Depending upon the needs of each client one-on-one and team training will be offered. Team training via friends, married couples and other relatives and colleagues will be an exciting way to bring people together to share in the training experience. It will hold people accountable and is a cost effective way for more people to train.
  3. All inclusive program: 12 week program - Courage to Change Team training and seminars
    - 5 people per team
    - 24 personal training sessions
    - 2, one hour Team training classes per week for 12 weeks
    - 1 introductory seminar at no additional cost
    - 12 weekly 1, hour seminars at no additional cost
    - 1 Courage to Change graduation seminar at no additional cost
    - Courage to Change certificates of achievement for each participant at no additional cost
    - Courage to Change book and journal
    - 1 extra durable top of the line exercise ball
    - Saturday group make-up session at no additional cost
    - Group chooses own Courage to Change team name

Functional personal training is the precursor to all other sporting and athletic events, recreational activities and physical hobbies. Our client’s bodies are trained to function properly allowing them to do what they need to do as they need to. Their bodies and minds are strong, confident and ready to perform. Functional personal training provides important movement fundamentals and proper biomechanics.

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