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Recently Brian and Silesia had the opportunity to bring "Courage To Change" to the mass media on DayStar Television.

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Dear Reader,

Action is at your very core, a part of you whether you accept it or not. It is impossible to separate faith from action. It is impossible to separate love from action. It is impossible to separate prayer from action, dreams from action, goals from action, thus, and logically your physical health cannot be separated from action; nor can you separate your health from God!

Faith in Action is retaking and recapturing your overall health by owning or appropriating the positive power of God and putting it into action.  Through our seminars, personal training and books and journals you will change your fear into courage and confidence, your insecurities into powerful weapons of strength and your negative behaviors into life transforming principles.  You will change your unhealthy thoughts into healthy ones, your self defeating attitude into the attitude of Christ and your actions will support this wonderful new belief system by achieving optimal health.

Our encouragement to you is to call us by putting your “Faith in Action.” Lose 30 pounds in just 12 weeks, get more energy, be physically active and present in your life and the life of your family. Put your faith to work out of the knowingness that God is putting His to work for you!


Brian and Silesia Wellbrock