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Courage to Change begins with weekly group exercise classes led by a spiritually grounded professional personal trainer.  Added success comes through our accountability small group Bible studies/workshops.   The Courage to Change book and journal provide the perfect guide to strategize your success.

With Courage to Change you will be given simple nutritional education and exercises to follow with no guess work. You will also go on a powerful courageous journey of self discovery and life change. It is a great time to become “more than a conqueror” regarding your health and life.

Professional personal training overview: 

Personal training is done right at the church in groups for added support, fellowship and accountability.

Groups of 10 or more:

Only $30.00 per week gives each participant 2 - one hour professional personal training sessions per week and access to all other classes as well!

 (large groups are a blast and are still able to get the instruction they need)

Note:  Price is determined upon full participation.  Participant pays for 5 weeks at a time or enrolls in our automatic payment plan.  (Sign up now for automatic payment plan)  Participants will be charged for each session whether present or not.

Courage to Change Bible study/workshop overview:     
Participants will enjoy weekly Bible studies/workshops that provide accountability, support, and much needed fellowship.  Weekly Courage to Change Bible studies/workshops will cover lesson plan and material in Courage to Change book and journal.  (Learn more about Courage to Change book and journal)

Faith in Action will provide a 1.5 hour Courage to Change “Event Kick-off” seminar

Courage to Change graduation ceremony
Courage to Change certificates of achievement for each participant

Weekly motivational e-mail newsletters

Brian and Silesia are available to speak on any topics throughout the program.  Cost of speaking engagement is the same as training cost per hour.  Most high energy speaking engagements or seminars are between 1 ½ and 2 hours = about 30.00 per person.

Courage to Change (C2C) Book and Journal = $64.95

Start up cost per individual = 10 training sessions + C2C book and journal

People can join the training classes at any time as the excitement gets out.  Special payment arrangements can be made on an individual basis.

If no equipment is available each participant will need only a few things:

Program needs –

  1. Always bring a bottle of water
  2. A towel for sweat control J
  3. Anti-burst exercise ball, size is determined by height (box will tell)
  4. Pair of 5 and 10 pound rubber dumbbell weights
  5. 1 Medium strength stretch band with handles
  6. 1 Exercise or yoga mat (preferably one about an inch thick with handles for easy carrying)
  7. 1 small to medium, cheap rolling suitcase with extended handle (easily holds equipment – trust me, it works like a dream!)

Very little equipment is needed to efficiently train the way God designed us.  Participants will learn how to maximally utilize all available resources without bulky, expensive, not necessary gym equipment and machines!


The Courage to Change program works as a tremendous outreach tool for drawing people to the church.  Their interest for losing weight and getting healthy may lead them to the church but while in the classes they will be exposed to the powerful word of God, the freeing presence of God, and the love and support from church members and staff.  Your church will be given a web link on the Faith in Action website to help draw people to you.


Unlike typical motivational seminars that pump people up for a while but fall short on follow through and application, Courage to Change teaches character building traits that go beyond the "pumped-up emotions facade."  A solid individual remains solid regardless of his or her current level of motivation.

Participants will learn about and reap the following personal benefits:

  • Confidence training
  • Enhanced self image
  • Renewal of personal value
  • Realistic, Godly view of health and beauty
  • Conquer fear, insecurities, self-doubt, guilt, shame, and worthlessness
  • Develop a true persevering nature
  • Courageous leader of self thus leading others by example
  • Become “solution experts” rather than “problem solvers”
  • The power of forgiveness
  • Taking ownership of thoughts, attitudes and actions
  • Participants will learn about and reap the following physical benefits:
  • Weight loss from 5-500 pounds
  • Proper Nutrition
  • Increased energy without caffeine and cigarettes J
  • Posture
  • Spinal alignment
  • Core stabilization
  • Balance
  • Flexibility
  • Muscular strength and endurance
  • Neuromuscular strength and endurance
  • Cardiovascular strength and endurance / Heart rate training