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Originally a tiny nutrition plan, Courage to Change has grown into a complete life changing program that has helped countless people recapture their health by facilitating both physical and spiritual restoration.  Participants are taken on a weekly journey of self discovery and life change as they dive into the Courage to Change book and journal.  The material is broken down into a system of 12 weekly readings in the book and simple lesson plans and journaling found in the journal.

Over 20 years of extensive hands on work with clients has given us the workings of a program masterpiece.  The program in its entirety has been comprised by listening to clients just like you and meeting their needs, concerns and daily struggles.  Each week will take you a little further so you can break whatever cycles or patterns of behavior that has gotten you off track.

Using the Courage to Change principles found in the book and journal, you will learn the value of good health and vitality as you become motivated to excel in everything you do.

The anticipation is staggering as you wait each week to read the next section in the book and complete the next weekly lesson plan in the journal. 

If you are hungry for life change and are hungry for a healthy lifestyle inside and out – it’s time for “Courage to Change.”